Set your team up for success with Popmenu online ordering in a few steps with shared team access by creating an email dedicated to your online ordering team with limited access to manage online orders.

This setup focuses your team on online orders with no need to worry about your team having access to any other tools on your dashboard.

Benefits to your Team:

  • All online ordering notifications go to one email inbox for streamlined communications on ordering activities

  • Team members on the clock manage online orders from one account and team members off-the-clock do not receive online ordering notifications

  • Feel confident that your online ordering staff only manages the online ordering tools the platform with limited team member permissions, eliminating any risk of access to other website and communications tools

Create a brand new email for the Team

Create an email that you're comfortable with everyone logging into to manage online orders using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or whatever email provider you feel comfortable using.

Some example emails include but are not limited to:




Pro Tip! Place a post-it note with the Login username and password so all team members know how to access the online ordering portal

Invite Email as a Team Member & Set Limited Online Ordering Permissions

  • In the dashboard click Settings > Team > Invite Team member

  • Enter the online ordering specific email created above > Select Limited Access

  • Make sure your team has to Manage All Menus and Manage All Orders > Save

You want your online ordering management team to manage your menus to maintain the inventory of in and out of stock items. All other permissions are optional.

Congrats! Your online ordering team is ready to manage online orders!

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