Auto accepting orders can help you save time in the midst of managing different online ordering services. Popmenu offers the ability to auto accept orders - learn how to set this as well as some more about the nuances of this feature!

Set Up Instructions

  • Log into your Popmenu dashboard and select online ordering (the shopping cart)

  • Select ordering settings

  • Determine the location you which to enable this setting for and select settings

  • Select Advanced

  • Order Auto Accept orders press the check mark next to "automatically accept all new orders, capturing payment and scheduling third party delivery when available

  • Press Save


  • Will be customer be notified that the order was accepted?

Yes, your client will receive the order accepted email from Popmenu using your default prep time as their pick up time estimate.

  • Will this order automatically print to my printer?

A kitchen ticket can print automatically if the "auto print" upon acceptance features is enabled.

  • Will I hear audio notifications alerting me to the order?

Audio notifications only loop when an order is in a “new” state so you will not hear an audio notification when the order is submitted.

  • Can I change the pick up time on an order that was auto-accepted?

No, you cannot at this time- the default prep time is what is communicated to your customer as the pickup time and cannot be changed per order.

  • I use Popmenu's DoorDash integration, if I use this feature, will a DoorDash driver be assigned?

Yes! Auto accepting orders will automatically notify DoorDash to assign a driver.

  • Do I need to still capture payment?

If you are using Stripe or Square as your payment processor in Popmenu, orders paid for online will automatically have payment captured. If you are using pay on pick up, you will still need to capture payment on pickup.

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