Message Packs are pre-created marketing messages and social media posts generated to help you create stunning content for special Holidays and promote your website.

Launching Your First Message Pack

In dashboard:

  • Select Marketing

  • Select Overview

  • Click View Message Packs on the right-hand side

  • Select the Pack(s) you're ready to activate below (and you can always come back to this page later!) There are message packs you can send annually for holidays and a One Time Launch series to help you promote your Popmenu website and online ordering platform.

Annual Message Packs:

One Time Message Packs:

One Time Message packs are an excellent way to promote your VIP promotions, encourage guests to write a review, introduce your interactive menu and promote your online ordering experience!

  • Once you've selected the messages they will be displayed in the Upcoming waiting for your review:

Facebook (& Twitter!) vs. Email Marketing Posts

  • Each message pack will produce an email and social media post. You can see the post type icon on the message below to know what kind of message to approve!

Approving Your Messages

  • Click the Needs Approval button on each message to review the content within the message.

The message is ready to send as is, however, you can customize the content in the email to add offers to the message, items, and other information before the final approval! Click here to review how to add offers and items to your marketing messages

  • You can schedule a special date and time to send out your message pack by clicking on the time stamp in the top-right-hand corner.

  • When you're ready to send the message click Approve in the top-right-hand corner

  • Select the Date and Update the Time in the calendar display below:

  • After a Pack has been added (and confirmed), it’ll automatically appear in the Communications Queue scheduled and ready to send out!

You can always go back and edit the content within the message by clicking on the pencil icon

Once a Message has been approved, it can not be unapproved. If you would like to delete the pack you must delete the Approved Messages, uncheck the Pack, then recheck the Pack to start over.

Reviewing your Message Pack Campaign Content

Email Marketing Message

  • Check the Christmas Holiday Pack Email Message below:

Facebook Post

  • Check out the Message Pack Facebook post displayed below:

Twitter Post

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