Order Placed

The customer enters their address, and a date/time for their order and proceeds to your Popmenu online ordering page to select their items, apply any offer codes, and pay for their order.

Restaurant Receives Order

The order will appear in your Online Ordering dashboard with a “Delivery” designation – here you can review the order details.

Accept the Order

Accepting the order will send a notification to the customer from Popmenu that their order has been confirmed. This also begins the process of assigning a Dasher. If you choose to reject or cancel the order, no Dasher will be assigned.

Dasher Assigned

When a dasher is assigned, the customer receives a text or email notification from DoorDash with a link that contains the following details. More information on Guest Communication can be found here:

  • Dasher first name

  • Masked Dasher contact information for any Dasher/Customer communication

  • A map displaying the Dasher’s progress and an estimated delivery time

Dasher Picks up Order

The Dasher will come to the restaurant and provide you with an order number to pick up the food. At any time, you can view the Delivery Log on the page for the individual order.

Dasher Delivers Order

The customer receives your food and is asked to rate their Dasher. This rating is not reflected on your site in any way, so encourage your guests to leave a review of their food directly on your website!

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