Adding announcements to your site is an effective way to direct attention from your guests and boost conversions to things like online ordering!

There are three types of announcements: Pop up, Banner, and Inline announcements. Read on to determine which announcement is right for your site!

Pop Up Announcements

Pop Up Announcements are immediately noticeable on any website due to their placement! Don't forget, you can set a start date and end date as well as custom links to direct your customers where you want. Learn quickly how to set a pop up a pop announcement on your site!

Banner announcements run across the top of your Popmenu site! These announcements are short and sweet and do not include photos. Learn quickly how to set up a banner announcement on your site!

Inline Announcements

Inline Announcements display on your website right above the menu area to capture your guests' attention! Learn quickly how to set up an inline announcement on your site!

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