Popmenu Reviews: Setting the Stage for your New Platform

Popmenu's interactive menus present the most advanced engagement platform in the restaurant industry. Since the Popmenu revolution is dedicated to helping you cultivate a new relationship with your guests, it's possible that your guests may not be used to leaving a review directly on your restaurant's website.

In fact, chances are your guests still go to Yelp and Trip Advisor to make a decision about dining with your restaurant. Our goal is to make them go to you and stay engaged with you. The good news is your new website presents guests with the top 2 elements guests are looking for when going to third-parties:

1. Photos of your Food
Click here for a short article on best practices on putting your best food forward on your menu!

2. Social Validation via Reviews
Click here for a webinar recording to learn more about owning your reviews and cultivating customer relationships with Popmenu

Now you have both: awesome photos of your food and Reviews. Cool, Right? 😎

The Nitty Gritty in Becoming a Follower

What can your guests expect when becoming a follower? Well, to start, anytime a guest leaves a review on your website they become a follower of your restaurant by default.

Guests are required to enter their email to become a follower. To understand your guests' journey becoming a follower check out this article from our support center on how to Become a Follower

In addition to their email, followers can also choose to complete their profile by:

✔️ Entering their Birthday to receive Birthday Promotions

✔️ Entering their phone number to opt-in and receive Text Message Communications from your restaurant!

Rule of Thumb: The Best Way to Get a Review is to Ask

Since guests may not be used to leaving a review on your website because of Popmenu's novel technology, your staff can let them know that this is possible. Here are some tips on how to train your staff to let your guests know that they can leave a review directly on your website:

"You all seem like you come here a lot, thank you so much for visiting us! Did you know if you follow us on our website, you'll get special offers and updates on specials"

"It seems like you all had a great experience today, would you all mind leaving us a review on our website? You get an offer for 20% off your next order!"

"Seems like you all celebrated a birthday tonight! If anyone else's birthday is upcoming, we have a birthday program. Sign up on our website to become a VIP and you can get a free dessert on your birthday!"

Creating Offers to Benefit your Followers

We recommend incentivizing your guests to become followers! Attracting your guests with promotions is a no-brainer!

The action results = your reward as shown below:

New Follower = Free appetizer on your next visit on us? Yes, Please!

New Review = 20% off my next online order? Why, of course!

New Follower = Free Dessert on My Birthday? Um, Duh!

All of these promotions are possible by attaching offers to smart messages! Click here to learn more! The possibilities are endless and the tools are in your hands!

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