Once your guest submits an order in your Popmenu site using your integration with DoorDash, your guest will receive updates via text message from DoorDash! Review below the communication your guest receives.

  • Step 1: Your Guests Order is Accepted By Your Restaurant! Initial DoorDash notification!

Once you accept your order, your guest receives the Popmenu accepted email, as seen below:

Your guest also receives an initial delivery notification with a tracking link when the dasher is en route to the store for pick-up

  • Step 2: DoorDash Pick Up Notification

Guests receive a second notification once the dasher has picked up the order and is approaching with their order

Clicking on the link provided will direct guests to a tracking page which provides dasher contact information!

  • Step 3: Ratings

Guests receive the final notification once the order has been marked

delivered. Here, they have the option to rate the delivery experience!

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