Give Your Followers a Holiday Reward with Online Ordering Offers

Online offers help you generate orders, promote social distancing, and share a small token of gratitude to your loyal patrons this holiday season. Let's get started!

Creating Your Holiday Offer

In your My Popmenu dashboard, click Communication > Offers > Add Offer.

You’ll see that Offers has been separated into two sections: Online Offers and Dine-in Offers

Click Online Ordering

Fill out the Offer Details

Delivery Method

Offers in online order can be delivered in two ways: Smart Message and Dynamic Mass Messages Message.

Smart Message Offers can only be used in Smart Messages, however, Dynamic Message Offers can be used in Mass Messages, Text Messages, Social Media, and any other marketing channel where an Offer code can be copy & pasted into a message.

For the purposes of this Holiday Offer, select Dynamic Message

Offer Type

Select the type of offer you'd like to create: Percentage Off or Dollar Off

Minimum Order Amount

Set a minimum order amount that guests have to hit in order to take advantage of the offer.

Usage Limit

You may select per online offer Single Use or Multiple Use.


This offer type generates a unique ID code limiting each recipient of the offer to only use the code one time. This offer cannot be used again by the recipient or anyone else.

Multiple Use

This offer type allows you to customize your offer code and whoever gets the offer code can use it as many times as they want.

Expiration Date

Select when you want the offer to expire in the future. Once the offer expires, guests will no longer be able to use it

Redemption Limit

Establish how many times you want the offer to be redeemed. Once that redemption limit has been hit, the offer will be deactivated automatically and no one else will be able to redeem it.

Crafting Your Holiday Promotion to your Followers

Craft the content of what your customer will see with their offer including the offer name, message, and image!

Once the Offer Content form has been filled, click “Save” to create the offer.

Attaching the Offer to a Message

After the offer has been created, you will be directed to the Online Offers table, where you will be able to see your newly minted offer in the “Ready” tab.

In this tab, you will be able to see different details about the offer. Before an offer can be sent to guests, it must be activated or set “live” by selecting the Go Live button.

3. Select “Go Live” and then select “Confirm” to activate the offer and set it “Live”. Once you complete this, you will be redirected to the “Live Offers” tab of the Offers page where you will be able to see your newly activated offer.

Sending the Offer

Once you've created your Offer Offers created using the Mass Message delivery method can be attached, which will send out a single e-mail to your customers.

Find the Holiday offer you’d like to attach to your Mass Message within Offers. Go to the “Actions” column and click send

You’ll be redirected to the Mass Message compose section of My Pop where your offer will be automatically attached to a mass message. There you’ll have the opportunity to edit the mass message before sending it out!

Click Send when it's ready to go!

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