Follower tags help you segment your followers into specific groups. You can send out specific marketing communications based on the audience in that specific group.

Follower Tag Examples

Some common examples of follower segments include but is not limited to:

  • Followers who frequently order online who need to receive online ordering specific promotions

  • Followers who have redeemed an offer

  • Followers who want to know updates about Trivia Tuesday

  • Followers who have ordered Catering

  • ... The follower tag opportunities are endless!

The good news is that anytime a follower places an online order through the Popmenu platform it automatically tags them with an Online Ordering tag.

Similarly, anytime someone redeems an offer within the Popmenu system they are tagged with a Redeemed Offer tag.

Importing Followers with Follower Tags

Follow these steps to import tagged followers in the Popmenu database.

In this example, we will import followers into the database and tag them with a Catering follower tag. That way we can send catering-specific marketing campaigns and promotions to those followers.

Open your CSV Document and make sure that the follower tag field you want to import is clearly labeled in the column header.

  • Click Communications > Followers > Import Followers

  • Click on the Add Follower Dropdown > Click Import Followers

  • Drag and drop the CSV document where it says Drop Imports here or click to choose

  • Match the Available Fields including Follower Tag

The Follower Tag will display accordingly:

Manage Follower Tags

  • Click Communication > Followers > Manage Tags

From this page, you can manage the follower tags, create a new follower tag and see how many followers belong with each tag.

Now it's time to Import your followers! Learn how here!

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