Import your followers into the Popmenu database to get the most out of Popmenu's tools and consolidate all communications into one platform.

Preparing For The Import

In order to import your followers, you will need a CSV file of your data. If you have an Excel file you can easily save the Excel file as a CSV file (Click here to learn how to do that!)

You are required to confirm that all followers opted in to receive communications from you. If your document contains any followers who opted out of communications they must legally be removed from the document before proceeding with the import.

Import Fields

Popmenu currently collects the following information to import into our database:

✔ Email Address

✔ Full Name

✔ First Name

✔ Last Name

✔ Phone Number

✔ Birthday

✔ Favorite Location

Follower Tags

You do not have to match every available field in the import. You can match whichever fields you have data for in your CSV file.

Any other fields are not eligible to import into the Popmenu database at this time.

Steps to Import Followers

Open your Document and make sure that the fields you want to import are clearly labeled in the column header.

In the example above, 4 Fields will be imported into the database: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Favorite Location. Your document may have more or fewer fields than the example outlined above.

Download An Example CSV File

Click the button below to download an example CSV file to practice importing into your follower database.

Importing the Followers

  • In your dashboard, Click Communications > Followers

  • Click on the Add Follower Dropdown > Click Import Followers

  • Drag and drop the CSV document where it says Drop Imports here or click to choose

Match the Available Fields according to the fields on your CSV document

  • Continue matching all available fields:

  • Once all available fields are matched the next two steps must be taken:

When importing followers you must acknowledge that all imported followers originally opted-in to receive communications from your restaurant. This field is required.

If you have a list of followers and they opted out of your communications it is your responsibility to remove them from the list before importing them into your database.

You have the option to send a welcome email to imported followers

This smart message automatically sends a welcome to all followers who have been imported into the Popmenu database. This is an optional field.

  • Click Import Followers

Now that your followers are imported it's time to send out your very first email marketing message!

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