Integration Introduction

Popmenu's social media integration makes it easier than ever to consolidate your marketing channels into one easy-to-use interface.

Steps to Integration

Follow the steps outlined below to quickly and effectively integrate Facebook and Twitter:

Connecting Facebook

You will need to be an admin of the Facebook page in order to integrate with Popmenu

  • Click Communications > Social Posts > Integrations

  • Click Connect

  • Select Connect Facebook Page

It may look like Popmenu is trying to login to your personal Facebook page. However, on the next page, you will select the page you want Popmenu to post to.

  • Click Continue as [your name]

  • Under Manage Integration Select the Facebook Page you want Popmenu to Post to:

Multiple Facebook Pages

If you are trying to link multiple Facebook pages, follow the steps outlined above for each page to integrate

The integration will look like this once complete:

Connecting Twitter

Let's move on to connecting Twitter (if applicable)

  • Click Connect in the top-right hand corner

  • Click Connect Twitter Account

  • Enter your Username and Password, then click Authorize app to authenticate

  • And just like that your Twitter account is connected!

Bravo! Both Facebook and Twitter are integrated and now you're ready to create your first post!

Creating your First Facebook & Twitter Post

Popmenu's Facebook and Twitter integration allows you to consolidate communication platforms into one place. Our social integrations also seamlessly integrate with our message packs, which are pre-created marketing content for the holidays.

Click Communications > Social Posts > New Post

You can share a menu item right in the post by searching for the name of the item.

Start typing in the item name for the items to populate:

If the item has a photo then it will automatically display in your post and the post will also automatically include a link to the item, too!

Feel free to customize the message content. You can also click Swap Photo and include any image from your photo library into the post

Posting the Message

Schedule Messages vs. Publish Now

You can either schedule the message to send off at a later time or date or post immediately with Publish Now.

  • To Schedule: Select the date and time you want this message to send out:

  • To Post Immediately: Select Publish Now

Check the accounts you want your post to publish on > Click Save

Give your social media marketing a boost with Popmenu Boost!

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