This article gets into the nitty-gritty detail of customizing menu styles online.

Getting Started

  • Click Menu > Select your Menu > Click Add Section or Edit an existing Menu section by Clicking Settings

Brand New Menu Section

Exiting Menu Section

  • Click More Options

Section Layout Styles

There are various section layout styles to choose from

Theme Default

This is the layout that is set up as the default across your website.

By default, this style will display across all of your menu sections. If you want to change the Theme Default you do so in the theme settings (Settings > Theme > Menus > Default Menu Layouts)

In this example, the Next layout is the default

Pro Tip! If you do not have access to your theme settings but would like access, please chat us and we will turn them on for you!

Next Theme

✔️ Clean Layout with large images

✔️ Elegant "Pop" Heart icon on the item to encourage engagement and reviews displayed under the item description

Card Theme

✔️ Each item is displayed as a unique card

✔️ Reviews are displayed across the photo

Simple Theme

✔️ Reviews are easily identifiable on the item

✔️ Each Menu Section displays an underline

Simple 2.0 Theme

✔️ The reviews are displayed in a pill format underneath the photo on the menu

✔️ Each Menu Section displays an underline

List Theme

✔️ This section is perfect for lists of drinks, toppings, dressings, sides, and more

✔️Reviews not visible on this display

✔️ Image displays as a circle icon on the left-hand side of the listed item

Section Column Styles

By default, the menu will display with 2 columns side-by-side

2 Columns (Default)

1 Column

Pro Tip! If a section only has 1 item in it then you should update the section column to 1 - This will center the item and make the section look and feel complete

3 Columns

4 Columns

Custom Sections

Add a Custom HTML section on your menu. This is a great place to add custom code, such as Untappd Beer menus, right on your website

Section Type > Custom

Once Custom is selected your menu will transform into a custom HTML section that you can edit just like a regular text box as shown below:

Miscellaneous Settings

Show Section Header

  • Choose whether or not you want the section header to display

Always Expand to Full Width

  • Choose if you want the menu section to expand to the full width of the page by default

Section Background Color

  • Select a unique background color for the menu section

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