• From your My.Popmenu.com dashboard, go to Communication and Offers.

  • Start on the “Live Offers” tab on the Online Offers table

  • Find the active offer you’d like to deactivate. Go to the “Active” column of that offer and toggle the active status off.

  • IMPORTANT: If an offer is active and you have sent it out to your guests (via smart message, mass message, text, print, social media, etc) Popmenu recommends that you DO NOT turn it off because guests who try to use it will not be able to. This will create a very unpleasant and frustrating experience for them. Popmenu recommends waiting until the offer expires or reaches its redemption limit and deactivates on its own.

However, if you must deactivate an offer, you will be asked to confirm your decision when you toggle an offer off

  • Once you “Confirm” and deactivate an offer, the offer will be placed in the “History” tab and will not be able to be used again (although you will still be able to see the offer’s stats).

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