Note: If you would like to send an offer code to yours guests via text message, print or social media, all you need to do is copy/paste the offer code (from the “Live Offers” tab) and use it in your message.

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  1. Start on the “Live Offers” tab in Offers in your Popmenu dashboard.

2. You can send offers using two delivery methods from this dashboard: a smart message or mass message!

Sending Offers Via Smart Messages

A smart message will automatically deliver the offer to your clients. For example, if you'd like an online offer to go out on someone's birthday automatically or the first time they give your item a review!

  1. Find the offer you’d like to attach to your Smart Message

  2. Go to the “Actions” column and click on the “send arrow"

3. Select the Smart Message you’d like to attach your offer to (from the dropdown options)

4. After you select a Smart Message, click “Attach” and you’ll be taken to a pop up where you’ll be able to edit the smart message. Look over the details, make any edits and click “Save” to finalize the attachment. Once you click “Save” you’re done and will be redirected to the Online Offers table.

Sending Offers Via Mass Messages

Offers created using the Mass Message delivery method can be attached, which will send out a single e-mail to your customers.

  1. Find the offer you’d like to attach to your Dynamic Message within Offers in your My Popmenu dashboard.

2. Go to the “Actions” column and click on “send

3. You’ll be redirected to the Mass Message compose section of My Pop where your offer will be automatically attached to a mass message. There you’ll have the opportunity to edit the mass message before sending it out to upper followers!

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