Having an in-house delivery team can allow you to further control the branded experience of your guests! Leveraging Popmenu's online ordering platform, from start to finish your guests can order easily through your website and you have control over the complete customer experience.

Consider the following tips to help make your guest's delivery experience as easy as possible!

1) Restaurant.org recommends having staff members as delivery specialists. These staff members should be detail-oriented and they are in charge of ensuring order accuracy. Assigning a delivery specialist each shift gives your operation a single point of contact for all delivery orders and can help eliminate confusion about where orders are in the pipeline.

2) Make sure your drivers are prepared! Make sure your team knows to look for the customer's phone number and special instructions on the delivery order. Set expectations if you expect your delivery drivers to call or text upon arrival.

3) Ask your drivers to follow safety precautions. Your guests may follow various safety measures in their homes and it's best to air on the side of caution. Wearing masks may be recommended or required in your area. You may want to provide your driver's hand sanitizer or disinfect wipes to assure

4) Take the opportunity to brand your delivery materials! Restaurant-hospitality.com explains restaurants and eateries that provided packaging and delivery bags with branded images increased the overall food delivery experience, while those using generic packaging saw no increase in overall satisfaction.

5) Consider the optimal shelf life of your dishes! Not all of your dishes may fit delivery- no one likes a soggy burger or cold fries. You want to make sure your guest has the best experience with your food as possible. Hospitality Tech recommends to think about when devising a delivery strategy, is the exact time frame available for food delivery without compromising food quality.

6) AK Crust recommends sharpening your driver's soft skills - some of your customers may have never been to your restaurant. That means their delivery experience will be the first touchpoint with your customer! It’s important that your drivers are polite, friendly, and presentable in order to provide a positive impression of your business.

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