In-House Delivery

Delivery orders can now be received directly from guests online in Popmenu. In order to utilize this service, restaurants are required to provide their own drivers to deliver orders.

Delivery Payment

All delivery orders are paid online. Restaurants must have a connected Stripe or Square account to receive delivery orders.

Popmenu charges $1 for each delivery order processed through Popmenu and you can choose to offset set this cost by requiring your guest to pay the $1 fee.

Managing Delivery Orders

  • Delivery orders are received and managed through the same online ordering dashboard as pickup orders and the same new order notifications are sent (emails, text, and app notifications are available).

  • Sign in to your my.popmenu dashboard and select online ordering

  • Select the specific location you would like to enable delivery for. Delivery is set per location!

  • Click Settings on your preferred location. Click Delivery

  • Select which menu(s) to offer for delivery

The order in which menus appear online to guests may be adjusted here. Menus may be temporarily hidden from guests by toggling off the Enabled switch. Don't forget, you can also configure certain menu availability through using the menu hours feature for something like a brunch or happy hour menu!

  • Update your Delivery Hours: Specify the days and times when delivery will be available - you can adjust these hours at any time!

  • Indicate how far (in miles) you are willing to drive to deliver orders (e.g. a maximum delivery distance).

  • Choose how much you want to charge guests for delivery orders. The delivery fee will be shown as a separate line item (“Delivery Fee”) to the guest at checkout. You have two options- choose which one fits best for you!

Option 1: Delivery fees can be a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the order subtotal

Option 2: Delivery fees can be based on the delivery distance you designate

  • {Optional} If you choose to set a fee based on delivery distance, you can configure custom ranges where the delivery fee is different for each range. This allows you to set a minimum delivery fee as well as charge a higher dollar amount for longer distances as seen below!

  • {Optional} You may also choose to waive/cover all delivery fees if your customer orders a minimum amount specified. To do this, toggle to the right cover delivery fee at minimum amount. You will then see a minimum price selection where you can enter the minimum amount of the order you require to cover the delivery fee!

  • Once these items are completed, ordering can be enabled by toggling on the delivery ordering switch at the top of the page!

Congratulations! 🎉 You have set up delivery! If you are interested to learn what it looks like and how to manage a delivery order when the order comes in, stay tuned!

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