Restaurants can provide delivery services to their customers with in-house drivers at a fixed, low-cost fee per order. Learn more about how to set up in house delivery here!

Popmenu Online Ordering gives owners control of their delivery menus, pricing, hours, and order flow - the entire customer experience - while maintaining profit margins on delivery orders.

Is there an additional cost to offer delivery to my customers?

There is no additional fixed cost for receiving delivery orders. Clients pay $1.00 per order plus credit card processing fees (2.9% plus $0.30) on all delivery orders.

Can I charge my customers an additional fee for delivery?

Yes! You can choose to charge your guest an additional fee (either flat fee or a percentage) as well as charge the guest the additional $1 Popmenu delivery processing fee. You can also choose to deliver fees for custom mileages (consider scenarios where if you have to drive further, you may want to charge more!)

Can my customers pay by cash or credit card when their food is delivered?

No, all delivery orders must be paid online at the time the order is placed via the Stripe or Square integration.

How does billing for delivery work?

Delivery fees are collected when payouts are made within Stripe or Square. The amount paid for a delivery order will be the order subtotal, plus taxes, plus any fees paid by the customer, minus the delivery fees described above.

Can I offer different delivery hours than I offer for pickup?

Yes, pickup and delivery orders can use different menus and be available during different times and days of the week.

How do I limit my delivery areas?

You can specify the number of miles from your store location. Customers will be required to provide a delivery address that is within this distance from your store.

How do I see delivery orders on my orders dashboard?

Delivery orders appear alongside all other online orders. Delivery orders are marked as “delivery” and include the delivery provider (“In-House”).

What should I do if I receive more delivery orders than I can handle?

Delivery orders can be disabled on your website by visiting the ordering settings page for that location within My.pop. Note that you can choose to still receive pickup orders even when delivery orders are disabled.

What do I do if I only want some of my menu to be available for delivery?

We recommend you create a new menu called Delivery and then select applicable menu items. You can then enable that specific menu to be available for delivery.

Will my guest receive additional communication for delivery?

Your guest will receive communication-based upon order status. They can receive a confirmation e-mail/text, accepted email/text, order ready email/text. In the future, Popmenu may offer additional communication to guests based on delivery orders.

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