SMS marketing gives you the opportunity to effectively put your brand in front of your followers on the device they trust most - their mobile phone. According to Mobile Marketing, Over 95% of SMS messages are open and read both on smartphones and non-smartphones.

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Crafting your First SMS Campaign

In the Dashboard, Click Marketing > Text Messages

Click New Text Message & Customize your Template:

Aim to keep our message under 160 characters. On the right-hand side of the New Text Message box, you can craft your message to include emojis, items, and variables for personalization:

Emojis =

Keep the message short and sweet with emojis!

Items =

Include your favorite items right in the text message!


Variables are the best way to personalize. Reach out to your follower by their first name with the {{ user.firstName }} variable.

Include your restaurants quickly and easily with the {{ }} variable. You can also include your email and user name!

Select Your Audience

When you're ready to send your message Click Audience

Eligible followers will automatically be selected to receive your text message.
If you want to target your followers further you can segment the audience by location with an SMS follower tag:

Previewing your Message

Click Preview in the top right-hand corner to preview what your SMS message will look like before going to your followers. If you're not quite ready to send it, click Save Draft.

Send Your Marketing Campaign

When you're ready to send your message you can schedule the message to send at a future time or date or click Send now to send it off to your guests & that's it!

SMS Audience

Your SMS Marketing audience includes your organic followers captured via Popmenu who left provided their mobile number when signing up to become a follower on your website.

Followers can unsubscribe from future SMS messages by replying back STOP. They’ll be informed about this after they receive their first message. If your guest replies back, they are directed to call the restaurant and your phone number is provided.

SMS Marketing Strategy

1. Introduce yourself

Include your restaurant's name in your SMS messages so your followers know who is connecting with them. Messages are sent from your own unique 800 number, so your followers most likely will not recognize the phone number at first.

  • Hi {{ user.firstName }}, thanks for being a VIP at {{ }}! We will let you know when we have menu updates and are offering special prices on your favorite dishes!

  • Hello {{ user.firstName }}, thanks for following at {{ }}! We’re eager to serve you better, we'll send one text message a week with exciting updates!

  • Hello {{ user.firstName }}, thanks for following at {{ }}! We’re eager to serve you better, we are now offering an online ordering website link.

2. Share Valuable Information & Irresistible Offers

Text Message marketing is perfect for giving your guests things they can immediately act on like offers, discounts, specials, and more! Provide followers with information that matters and an offer they can't turn down.

  • Hi {{ user.firstName }}, thanks for dining at {{ }}! We’ve got tons of exciting dishes on our upcoming Fall menu. Stay tuned or visit [insert website link] to learn more.

  • No more running and having to go into the restaurant to pick up your order! {{ }} now offers curbside pickup. Simply call when you arrive and we’ll bring your order to you!

  • Hey {{ user.firstName }}, we’ve stocked our kitchen with some amazing brunch dishes for you. Visit {{ }}! Hurry! First come first serve!

  • All your favorite dishes are at your reach! {{ }} is now mobile with online ordering. Visit [insert website link] to get your favorite dish for dinner!

3. Personalize your Message & Approach

Guests are more likely to lose interest if the message does not include personalization and is perceived as being too generic. Variables are a great solution to add personalization to your messages.

4. Send One Message Per Week

You will only be able to send one message per week so you don't overwhelm your audience or give them a reason to unsubscribe. The average opt-out rate for SMS marketing campaigns is around 2% per message, which is higher than email marketing according to EZ Texting. To keep messages short and sweet, use URL link shorteners like Bitly.

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