Meet Your Dashboard!

All of the tools inside Popmenu are built to help you market your business and boost
your digital presence. Before you dive into learning the many tools inside Popmenu, it's important that you gain an understanding of your Dashboard first.

Watch the video to get to know your Popmenu Dashboard. It'll be your go-to for account updates, checking out reviews, and watching your followers grow!

Connect Google My Business

Popmenu has a powerful Google My Business integration that unites Google, the #1 driver of traffic to your website, and your website.

Locate your Google My Business Account

You can create an account or search for your existing account using Google's Find and Manage your Business tool - Click here to get started!

Add Team Members in the Dashboard

Get your team set up inside Popmenu by adding them in as team members on your Popmenu account. Learn how to invite individual members via email and distinguish access levels between members in the video walkthrough below:

Team Member Permissions Table

✔ = Team Member Has Full Access to this feature

✖️ = Not by default, permissions must be updated to access


Full Access

Limited Access

Manage All Menus


Manage All Orders


Manage Announcements


Manage Messages


Manage Social Posts


Manage All Reviews


Receive New Review Notifications

Receive All Form Notifications

Team members will receive an email invite to create an account to access the dashboard. If the inbox is not in the inbox, check your spam and promotions.

Update Your Hours

You can make quick and easy updates to your restaurant's hours and locations by visiting Settings > Location & Hours.

There, you'll be able to adjust your business hours, add special holiday hours, or make edits to your location. This info automatically updates your Google My Business listing so that you can make changes in one place.

Update your Menus

Once your Popmenu website goes live, you might have a few menu changes you need to make. The video below walks you through how to update and maintain your menus.

This video highlights how to:

  • Create a New Item and add it to your menu

  • Understand the power of Item Tags to encourage interactivity on your online menu while highlighting customer preferences

  • Toggling Items if an item is temporarily unavailable. The benefit of toggling an item is that it can be quickly activated with the push of a button!

Add Photos to Your Items!

It’s no secret that Customers rely on menu photos when deciding where to eat.

Items with photos consistently perform higher than items without photography.

Quality Food Photography Pays Off

💥 Items with Photos get 4x as many reviews

💥 Items photography generates 3x as many interactions

💥 Photos earn items 2x as many online orders bringing in the $$$

Building a Brand New Menu

This video walks you through how to create a brand new menu on your website to display your menu offerings, specials, and more!

Create a Print Center Menu

Popmenu's print center is a great resource to create printable menus from your online menus. This video tutorial gives you an introduction to the print center:

Preparing Menus to Take Online Orders

Learn basics to help you keep your online ordering menus updated for online ordering

Building your Online Ordering Menu

Here's how to leverage Popmenu's user-friendly menu building technology to build your menus to take online orders:

Preview Online Ordering Menu(s)

If you are wondering what the menus look like to your guests, select Settings> Preview menus

Pricing Items to Take Orders

Pricing Your Online Ordering items is an important step in getting your menus ready to take online orders.

Shared Modifier Groups & Modifiers

Shared Modifiers are a grouping of modifiers that are shared across multiple items specifically for online ordering. Click here for a thorough guide.

Online Ordering

Popmenu Online Ordering gives your guests an online ordering experience that lives within your restaurant's website. Say goodbye to unnecessary third-party ordering apps, complicated guest experiences for your customers, and lost revenue to third-party ordering fees.

Do I need an iPad or mobile device to manage my orders?

No! For each order submitted by a customer, you'll receive an email and/or SMS notification with the order details, prompting you to head to your Popmenu account and "Accept" the order. If you have an iPad or tablet in your restaurant, you can log into your Popmenu account using a web browser or download the Popmenu app for iOS or Android devices!

Processing Your First Online Order

This video outlines how to work Popmenu's Online Ordering system, starting with processing your orders.

Will I be able to print orders as they come in?
Yes! Popmenu Online Ordering offers to print to your kitchen or office printer.

Can I be alerted when new orders come in?
Yes! When a new order comes in, you can receive an email, a text notification, and/or a push notification via the Popmenu for Owners app. If you have your MyPop dashboard open, you'll also hear a chime play.

Delivery: In House vs. DoorDash

In House Delivery

Delivery orders can now be received directly from guests online in Popmenu. In order to utilize this service, restaurants are required to provide their own drivers to deliver orders.

DoorDash Delivery

All delivery orders are paid online. Restaurants must have a connected Stripe account to receive delivery orders.

DoorDash orders cost the client $6.99 plus any tips that are included with the order. In addition, Popmenu charges a $1.00 processing fee. Restaurants have the option of subsidizing this cost for guests. The delivery fee charged to guests at checkout will be $6.99 minus the subsidized amount.

Setting Up Payment Processing

Popmenu Online Ordering system collects payment through our partners Stripe and Square.

Payment Processing Fees

Each vendor charges a 2.9% credit card processing fee and .30 cents per transaction.

Popmenu also adds a $1.00 Popmenu Transaction Fee to the guest’s bill for pickup orders and $1.00 for delivery orders. This Popmenu Transaction Fee applies only to orders paid for online.

Does Billing work for multiple locations?

Billing is available per location for clients with multiple locations. To learn more about this process and the associated Stripe fees, email or click the “?” in the bottom left corner of your Dashboard to chat with a team member.

Your Communications Tools

Spreading the word with your guests and followers has never been easier with our communication tools.

Let your customers know what's on the menu, send special promotions or offers, and show off your brand new Popmenu website all within your Communications Hub.


This awesome tool keeps your visitors up-to-date about your current offerings, information, and procedures. This video gives you a brief introduction to the various offer displays on your website: Inline, Banner, and Pop-up

Create Your Announcement

Learn how to create an announcement on your website.

Click here for an article to help you decide which announcement is right for your website!

Smart Messages

Smart Messages are messages that automatically send based on user's engagements on your website.

These messages consistently perform higher than the industry average and give you the opportunity to communicate with your followers based on their engagements.

Click here to learn how to create a Popmenu VIP loyalty program with our Smart Messages!


There are two types of offers: Offers for online orders and offers for Dine-In.

Online Ordering Offers

Instead of having to physically go into a restaurant to use an offer, guests can now use an Online Offer when placing an online order. This creates a world of convenience, flexibility, efficiency, and delight, for both the guests and restaurants.

Dine-In Offers

Sometimes you want to give the customers that come in to see you a little love. Here's how to create an offer that they can redeem while at the restaurant:

Mass Messages

Keep your customers engaged with Popmenu's email marketing tool. Our brand new template has drag-and-drop functionality, making it easier than ever to keep your brand in front of your customers

Click here for a guide on sending out your first email marketing message!

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing gives you the opportunity to effectively put your brand in front of your followers on the device they trust most - their mobile phone. Watch the video below to learn about this feature and Click here for a thorough guide to create your first campaign.

Social Media

Post to Facebook and Twitter at the time directly from the Popmenu dashboard! Share menu items and keep your followers in the loop about what's new at your restaurant!

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