Your online presence is more important than ever. Your website lets your loyal patrons know exactly how they can support your business. Here are three ways to keep your customers engaged with you:

Own your online ordering

Popmenu released online ordering in response to COVID-19. The best part is that this service is included in your subscription!

If you're closed because 3rd party delivery services take too much commission to keep you in business, Popmenu online ordering is here to help you get back on your feet. See how Popmenu Online ordering helped Terra Terrior optimize sales during COVID-19.

If you're overpaying for third party vendors or have never tried online ordering and you're ready to give it a go to generate business sign up for Popmenu Online Ordering here. Our dedicated team will be in touch shortly to get you set up for success!

Post to Social Media

Your followers are rooting you on! If you're closed they want to know how you're doing and when you're opening back up. Show them the amazing food they are craving when you open back up for business. To keep your brand in front of your customers share memories of good times, favorite items, and status updates weekly using Popmenu's social media management tools. Click here for awesome social media post suggestions and inspiration.

Accept your Reviews!

The best way to get a review is to ask! Make sure your engaged followers are giving you feedback on your favorite dishes. Each review marks up your menu, enhancing your SEO and overall web presence. Click here to learn more about owning your reviews to cultivate your relationship with your customers.

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