Ever wanted to take your own food photos for your Popmenu site? Smartphones make it easier than ever! Here's a step-by-step guide to taking the best possible photos!

1. Choose the Right Spot

Choose a table or surface closest to a window with the most abundant natural light. Avoid harsh sunlight by shooting at the right time of day or moving your shooting surface right outside of any harsh sunlight.


2. Stage your Menu Items

Consider how you would like to shoot your items. All together with dishes in the background? Individually? Added props like drinks, utensils, etc?

Does your menu item come with a side such as a salad or sauce? if so, include it in the photo for the best representation of the item.


3. Pay Attention to your Angles

The 45-degree angle is considered the “golden angle” for food photography – allowing the viewer to see the majority of the contents on a dish. While a lower, straight-on angle is great for sandwiches and overhead images are great for round plates.


4. Create a Style and Aesthetic

  • Feeling artistic? Get up close to the food focusing on a singular ingredient or getting a unique angle.

  • Feeling more objective? Make sure to get the whole menu item in the photo with the majority of the plate in focus

  • A variety will make your images more diverse and useful over a longer period of time.


More Helpful Tips

  • Make sure the food is fresh before shooting

  • Avoid using plastic or to-go containers in your photos

  • Avoid using patterned tablecloths or napkins in the photos

  • Be authentic - plate the items how a guest visiting would see them

  • Utilize the editing function on your phone to adjust for exposure, shadows and contrast Horizontal or landscape orientation photos are recommended for most areas of the platform, including dishes and page headers.

  • We encourage you to upload photos with the highest resolution possible. Our platform will automatically resize to appropriate dimensions to optimize page speed.

  • More information on photography guidelines can be found here

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