An Introduction to Photo Galleries

Photo galleries display your restaurant's photography on your website and can be added to any page. This article covers how to add photos to an existing gallery on your website and how to create a brand new gallery on your page.

*Please note all photos must be in a jpg or png format

Slider Images display and scroll 1-1 while covering the entire section


Masonry Images display in this section of the page at their original ratio


Grid Photos crop into small squares and each photo is the same size


Add Photos to an Existing Gallery

  • Click Website > Click Pages, find your Page and click Edit Page

Scroll to the gallery section on the page, at the bottom of the gallery section Click Add Gallery Image & add an Image Description Create a Brand New Gallery


Add as many photos as needed, once you've added all of your photos click Save


Create a Brand New Gallery

  • In the Dashboard, Click Website > Click Pages, Find your Page and click Edit Page

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Add Section

  • A text-box section will emerge, Click Text Box

  • Scroll down to Media, Select Photo Gallery

  • Select your Gallery Layout Style: Slider, Masonry, or Grid

  • Add Gallery Image(s) and image descriptions

  • Add Padding: padding adds space between images. Use a numerical value such as 2 for a tiny space between the images and 20 for a larger space between images. Values can be but are not limited to numbers between 2-10 (depending on how much space wanted between photos)

  • Save

    Pro Video: Check out this video walking through the steps outlined above

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