An Introduction to Adding a Multi-Column Section

Multi-Column Sections are a great way to display clickable links, buttons and photos in a multi-section on any of your pages on your website. This article will cover how to add a multi-column section to a page on your website and review the different ways to utilize this section.

This is a great tool to display multi- content of images and text. There are many different ways to utilize this advanced section, we will be covering the most commonly used in this support article.

Multi Content section with pictures and clickable buttons:


Multi Column section with pictures and text only:


Multi Column Section with text and a clickable button with no pictures:


Adding a Multi-Column Section

To add a Multi-Column section to an existing page:

  • Login to your my.popmenu Dashboard

  • Click on the Website Icon

  • Click on Pages

  • Select the page you would like to add your multi-column section to

  • Click Add Section at the bottom of the page

  • Click on the Text Box

  • Select Multi-Content under the Custom area

  • Once you have selected the Multi-Content section, you will see a couple of different options to customize your multi-content section. These will be covered below.


Display Type: Multi-Column vs Accordion

Accordion multi-content section layout: Layout option for an expandable heading/accordion-style section.

Multi-Column Layout: Layout option to display the pictures and columns in a row.

*Most commonly used option


After you have selected your Multi-Content section

Select Multi-Column

Select the number of columns you wish to haveNote: you can adjust your columns to have anywhere from one to four columns in your layout.

Select Edit Column

  • Select Display Type (Multi-Column or Accordion)

  • Select Number of Columns (1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns)

  • If you would like to add a Photo: click Add Photo and select a photo from your Photo Gallery

  • Click +Swap Photo if you would like to change your photo

  • Insert your Custom Section Photo alt (description of your photo)

  • You may also +add video


Insert your Custom Section Heading

Insert your Custom Section Content
Note: You do not have to have a heading or content

To make a Clickable Button:

Insert your text you want to display on your button in Link Display Text

Insert your link URL in the Link URL section


To add another column:

Click Add Column to add another column section > Repeat the steps above > Save


You have successfully created your multi column section on your page with a picture, heading, description and a clickable link under the "Learn More" button on your site.

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