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  • Click Marketing > Email Messages > +New Mass Message

  • Give your message a catchy Subject
    Pro Tip: You can spice up the Subject with Emojis❗

  • Add Text Content to your Message in the Text box section. You can add custom styling including:

  • Font

  • Font Size

  • Font Color

  • Custom Font Style: Bold, Italic, Underline

  • Emojis! 😁

  • Links

  • Images from your photo library

  • Code View


Variables allow you to add personalization to your messages using coded brackets. Here's how to add them to your messages:

  • Click on the Insert Variable button:

    Select your Variable:

    Important Note: Don't alter the content within the brackets. The variable will automatically pull in content to personalize the message.

    For Example: "Hi {{ user.firstName }}" will display as "Hi, Amy"


Building out your Template

  • Click Add Content above or below the standard text box section to build out your email template

  • Click Add Content to build out your template:

  • Buttons

  • Menu Items

  • Dividers

  • Featured Item Section

  • Images

  • Offers

  • Text Content


Adding Images to your Template

  • Click Add Content > Click + Add Photo > Select Image from your Photo Library > Done


Pro Tip: Make sure to add a text description to your image to ensure the message is ADA compliant! Click on the settings icon to add your description:

Sharing Menu in your Template

Show off your delicious items in your email

  • Click Add Content > Item > Select Item


Add a Button to your Email

  • Buttons add linkability and interactivity to your email template.

  • Click Add Content > Button > Edit Button

    Select Your Link:

Under custom Link Select your Button link:

Menu Link: Links to your menu Page

Online Ordering Link: links to your online ordering page

Reservation Link: Links to your reservation widget on your website

Custom Link: Create your own link!



Add Offer to your Email

Incentivize your customers with offers and promotions! Add offers right into your message!

  • Click Add Content > Offer > Click on the Offer drop-down > Select your Offer


Display your Featured Items from Your Menu

  • Click Add Content > Featured > This section will automatically display the last 2 featured item directly from your menu


Dividers add space between sections on your template:

Here's how to add dividers:

  • Click Add Content > Divider

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