Sometimes you want to show some appreciation to your customers by giving them a free dessert, 20% off, or special BOGO deals! You can certainly do this by creating an Offer:

In the Dashboard, Click Communication > Select Offers > Click Add Offer


Under Offer Format Select Dine-in Offer

Now it's time to customize your offer, which includes:

  • Offer Name: Essential to define what your offer is all about!

    *Pro Tip: Create a catchy name to capture your follower's attention

  • Offer Message: The message explains what's included in the offer

  • Offer Image: Choose an image that best represents your offer

  • Disclaimer: Set rules and regulations about the way the offer can be used by your customers.

  • Single-Use: This indicates the offer can only be used once. The offer generates a time stamp and date stamp to ensure one-time use only!

  • Enable: Choose whether or not you want this offer to be redeemable by your followers. If Enabled is unchecked then the offer is expired.


Click Save!

Ready to send your offer to your followers? Click here to learn how to attach your offer to an email marketing message today.

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