For any Online Ordering payment information that you're not able to access in your Popmenu dashboard, please log into Stripe or contact their support team.

How to Log into Stripe:

How to Contact the Stripe Support Team:

  • Stripe offers 24/7 support for its' customers. There are many options including phone, live chat, or email. To access these support options, visit

  • In order to receive support, you must be logged into your Stripe account as a security measure. If you cannot login to your account:

  • If you're trying to reach Stripe support via phone, please remember that they do not have an inbound phone number (such as a 1-800 number). For phone support, you must request a call back (typical wait time is just three minutes) at

Stripe will not divulge your personal information to Popmenu so we're here to help you get any/all Stripe support you need directly from their team.

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