Are you wondering if you can change your payout schedule from Stripe to your bank account? You can!

Go to your Stripe dashboard: Make sure that you are logged in with your Stripe credentials

Weekly or Monthly Payouts

You can choose to have payouts sent either weekly or monthly. When selecting a weekly schedule, you can pick the day of the week you wish funds to arrive in your bank account.

For a monthly schedule, you can specify the day of the month. Payouts scheduled between the 29-31st of the month will be sent on the last day of months with fewer than 29-31 days.

Connecting multiple payout accounts to Stripe!

It is also possible to connect multiple accounts to stripe. To connect multiple bank accounts, go to your Stripe Dashboard, click New Account on the left menu.

When creating a new account, we recommend using a unique name you can recognize, based on the account location or currency you'll be adding (i.e. Germany Account, GBP Account, USD Account, EUR Account, etc)

Once the account is created, click Payouts > Settings. Add your bank account information by clicking the "Add bank account" on the top right and input your bank details.

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