Need to charge water and alcoholic beverage sales with different tax rates? Now you can assess unique tax rates for individual menu items in your Online Ordering settings.

How to Configure Tax Rates

  • In the dashboard, Select Online Order

  • Under Ordering Settings > Taxes, create a custom tax rate and set a percentage for each location by clicking "Add Tax Rate" in the top-right corner.

  • Name your tax rate, i.e. "Alcohol", and input the tax as a percentage, i.e. "7" for 7%

You can now designate your Tax Rate on specific items.

In the item settings (see screenshot below), there are new options for "Taxable" and "Tax Rate"

Uncheck Taxable to completely skip taxes on that item (such as for water, etc) or choose the designated Tax Rate other than Default to apply one of the created custom tax rate percentages to that item.

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