Do you have staff that manages incoming online orderings? Learn how to give those staff members limited access below. You can feel confident that staff are not changing the online ordering setup, accessing sensitive reporting, and accessing other features within My Popmenu.

  • In the Dashboard Click Settings > Team

  • Click Add Team Member in the top right corner

  • Enter Team Member’s email

  • Choose Access Level (Full access vs. limited access)

    - Limited Access: You can choose whether this teammate can manage menus, item lists, messages, social posts, receive reviews, and notifications. By deselecting Manage all ordering locations, you can then choose to select "limited access". Team members with limited views will not be able to see reports or settings.

    - Full Access: Provides full access to all of Popmenu's functionalities- you can choose whether or not this team member will receive review and form notifications.

  • Save

**Team Member will receive an email invite to create an account to access the dashboard

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