Learn how to configure fees on your site to process payments and understand how these fees are billed to you and your clients.

On any order, Stripe will charge your restaurant a 2.9% payment processing fee plus 30 cents per online order once the transaction is processed in Stripe. Popmenu will charge your guest a $1 Transaction Fee on every order paid for online. Please note, Stripe transactions will not appear until 2 business days later.

Taxes are charged based on your order subtotal plus fees. Recall you can customize your online order fees and taxes by going into settings, settings and schedule and then payment (check out this great article for further instruction).


The fee amount added to the order is the sum of:

- The $1 Popmenu fee

- The fee percentage times the subtotal

Taxes are based on the order subtotal and the fees.

Let’s review a scenario! For example, let's say our order subtotal was $100 and my restaurants' taxes were set to 7.6%. In addition, I decided to have my customer pay the $1 Popmenu ordering fee and I also decided to charge a 5% online ordering fee.

Below you will find what will appear to your guest!

New Guest Order











Recall that the fees encompass the 5% you designated and the $1 Popmenu fee. This 5% allows you to recoup some of the cost you will have to pay Stripe for the credit card processing fees. Note that if you use DoorDash for delivery, you will also see the $6.99 DoorDash Delivery Fee and the driver tip in the Fee Total.

New Fee Calculation

% of subtotal


Popmenu fee


Fee total


Then, your transaction will be processed in Stripe. The Stripe charge is what is shown in the Stripe dashboard. The fees Stripe charges: 2.9% of the total amount plus $0.30. The application fee is the amount transferred to Popmenu from your connected Stripe account. The Gross Proceeds will be the amount actually disbursed to your account. Below is a breakdown of how to understand how this transaction will appear:

Stripe Reconciliation

Stripe charge


Stripe fees


Application fee (Popmenu)


Gross Proceeds


Reconciling between PopMenu and Stripe can be a process! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support@popmenu.com.

Please see the clip below for a walk-through of Stripe fee configuration within your MyPop Dashboard.

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