You may have staff members who have access to Popmenu (if you are not sure how to give them access, check out this great quick tutorial), now it's time to make sure they receive notifications about online orders!

Updating Notification Settings

  • Click Ordering > Settings > Notificaitons

Select the check box next to which type of access you'd like the team member to receive. These can be changed or adjusted anytime

Pro Tip! Remember if someone has Limited Access to a location they will receive notifications, but they will not be able to see reports or settings.

Adding a Phone Number to your Profile

If you do not have a phone number, or your email says (no phone) here's how to add your phone number to your profile to get text message notifications

Adding the Phone Number to your Profile

  • Click Settings > My Profile

  • Enter your Mobile Phone Number on your profile > Update Profile

Activating Text Message Notifications

  • Click Ordering > Settings > Notifications

  • Check the Text Message Notifications Box

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