For Stripe Payment Processing you can issue refunds to your guests within for the full order amount or a partial dollar amount. For Square or Toast payment processing refunds are processed in your payment account.

Stripe Full or Partial Refunds

Toast Refunds

Square Refunds

Stripe Full or Partial Refunds

  • Once payment is captured on an order, you will have the option to issue a refund in the order (Ordering > Pickup & Delivery > choose the order).

  • Choose full order amount or a partial dollar amount. For a full refund, the Amount to Refund will default to the full order amount including all taxes, fees, and tips. For a partial refund, you must enter the exact dollar amount of the refund up to the total order amount. Note that more than one partial refund can be issued against an order.

  • After issuing the refund, your guest will receive an email confirmation and the Online Payment section of the order details will be updated:

  • You pay no additional fees for issuing refunds. However, you do pay the Stripe fees and Popmenu fee levied on the original order.

  • Refunds are included in the Popmenu Online Ordering reports. Refunded amounts are listed on the day on which the refund was issued.

Toast Refunds

  • You have two options to issue a customer a refund. Both options require you to first navigate to the Find Checks page.

    Option 1: From the Find Checks page, search for the check. Select the check from the search results and select Fully Refund.

  • Option 2: From the Find Checks page, select the Find Checks Search Bar, select Actions from the menu drop down list, and select Refund.

Read more about issuing a Toast refund here.

Square Refunds

Process Full, Itemized, or Partial Refunds Online

Itemized Refund in Dashboard
  1. Visit Transactions in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select the payment you’d like to refund, select the "more" icon (...) > Issue Refund.

  3. Check the box next to Items to refund the entire sale, select the specific items you’d like to refund, or tap Refund Amount to refund a specific dollar amount.

  4. Select a reason for the refund. Reasons for a refund can be selected at the item level and for the entire sale.

  5. Click Refund Items or Issue Refund.

When issuing an itemized refund, the amount being refunded will reflect any applicable taxes (e.g. Sales Tax) and discounts for the selected item(s).

Read more about issuing a Square refund here.

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