To provide a safe and contactless menu option for guests as you look to re-open for dine-in service, clients can now download a QR code flyer for every page on their Popmenu site!

How it Works

  • Log in to your Popmenu account at

  • Navigate to the Website section of your Account. (Computer icon in the lefthand navigation.)

  • Click the "QR Card" button for the page you'd like to generate a QR code flyer for.

  • The QR code flyer generated will now direct customers to this page when they scan the QR code using their smartphone's camera.

  • Flyers must be printed using your local office printer on a 8.5 x 11-inch letter size sheet of paper. To resize the flyer, you must use the page settings allowed by your printer.

  • For more printing options, we recommend saving the QR code flyer and using a printing service.

For questions about our QR code flyer, reach out to

See the templated QR Code Flyer design below!

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