Create a Pop-up announcement on your website to keep your customers in the loop about your restaurant's latest updates!

In the dashboard, click Marketing > Announcements

Click + Add Announcement to Create your Announcement:

Add a photo with a photo description, a heading, and announcement content to the Edit Announcement portal:


Need to add a call to action on the announcement?

How to Create a button:

Add Link name under Link Display Text
Add Link under Link URL

Here's the button style:


To set a date range for your announcement click on "Start At" to set a time you want your announcement to show up on your website.

You can add an "End At" date and time to automatically remove the announcement from your website. The "end at" field is optional. If you would prefer your announcement to run indefinitely on your website do not add an end date.

*Bonus: Want to automatically announce your events weekly? Awesome! Check Weekly Recurring Announcement and select your day!

Pro tip - if your announcement is set to recur it will do so regardless of the optional "end date".

  • Select Announcement Display Type: Pop-Up

    Choose a content Style: Side By Side vs. Stacked

Stacked is when the photo displays on top of the announcement content

Side By Side is when the photo displays on side of the announcement content

Final Steps:

Check Enabled to activate your announcement Select your Location(s)

Pick and choose which locations you want the announcement to display on. See the multi-location example below:

**Important note for multi-location concepts: Selecting all locations will automatically display the announcement on the home page. If specific locations are selected, the announcement will only display on that location's menu page.

Send a Smart Message

Now it's time to promote your announcement with a Smart Message, Popmenu's automatic email marketing tool. Check "Send Smart Message" to email the update to your followers with Popmenu's Smart Messages tool.

To check and see if your "New Announcement" Smart Message is turned on, click Messages > Smart Messages and make sure the New Announcement smart message is activated:


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