An Introduction to Popmenu's Online Ordering System

Popmenu Online Ordering gives your guests an online ordering experience that lives within your restaurant's website. Say goodbye to unnecessary third-party ordering apps, complicated guest experiences for your customers, and lost revenue to third-party ordering fees.

Do I need an iPad or mobile device to manage my orders?

No! For each order submitted by a customer, you'll receive an email and/or SMS notification with the order details, prompting you to head to your Popmenu account and "Accept" the order. If you have an iPad or tablet in your restaurant, you can log into your Popmenu account using a web browser or download the Popmenu app for iOS 12+ or Android 6.0+ devices!

Processing Your First Online Order

Watch this short video to learn how to process your first online order in Popmenu's ordering system:

Will I be able to print orders as they come in?
Yes! Pop Ordering offers printing to Star TSP 100 series printers.

Can I be alerted when new orders come in?
Yes! When a new order comes in, you can receive an email, a text notification, and/or a push notification via the Popmenu for Owners app. If you have your MyPop dashboard open, you'll also hear a chime play.

Delivery: In House vs. DoorDash

In House Delivery

Delivery orders can now be received directly from guests online in Popmenu. In order to utilize this service, restaurants are required to provide their own drivers to deliver orders.

DoorDash Delivery

All delivery orders are paid online. Restaurants must have a connected Stripe account to receive delivery orders.

DoorDash orders cost the client $6.99 plus any tips that are included with the order. In addition, Popmenu charges a $1.00 processing fee. Restaurants have the option of subsidizing this cost for guests. The delivery fee charged to guests at checkout will be $6.99 minus the subsidized amount.

Setting Up Payment Processing

Popmenu Online Ordering system collects payment through Stripe and Square.

Online ordering payment processing is available through our partnerships with Stripe and Square. Each vendor charges a 2.9% credit card processing fee and .30 cents per transaction. Popmenu also adds a $1 for orders paid for online for pick up or delivery.

Does Billing work for multiple locations?
Billing is available per location for clients with multiple locations. Learn how to create and manage multiple stripe accounts or multiple locations with square accounts.

Preparing Menus to Take Online Orders

Our onboarding team is working on getting your menus ready to take online orders. While we're working on setting you up for success these videos present some basics to help you keep your online ordering menus updated

Building your Online Ordering Menu

Here's how to leverage Popmenu's user-friendly menu building technology to build your menus to take online orders:

Review the Menu

If you are wondering what the menus look like to your guests, select Settings> Preview menus

Pricing Items to Take Orders

Pricing Your Online Ordering items is an important step in getting your menus ready to take online orders.

Shared Modifiers Groups & Modifiers

Shared Modifiers are a grouping of modifiers that are shared across multiple items specifically for online ordering. Click here for a thorough guide.

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