Online orders are managed directly through your dashboard by visiting the shopping cart logo in your navigation bar. Keep reading to learn how orders are managed and organized within your Online Ordering dashboard.

  1. Restaurant owners and managers can manage online orders from the Orders page within the Online Ordering (cart icon) section of Popmenu. Orders can be viewed for all locations or a single location. Orders can also be viewed by Tabs by switching settings using the button in the top-right corner of the screen (see below).

Online orders can now be organized by the following tabs:

  • The New tab shows orders that have not yet been accepted (or rejected). New orders may include orders scheduled for today or future days.

  • The Today tab shows orders that have been accepted and are due today. Orders are sorted by due date so the most urgent orders appear at the top of the list.

  • The Future tab shows orders that have been accepted and are due tomorrow and beyond. The orders are sorted and grouped by the day and time they are due.

  • The History tab shows orders with a due date prior to today and any orders that have been marked as completed or rejected.

  1. It's recommended to have a tablet, laptop or other device, with this Online Ordering page pulled up at your restaurant where your team can see and hear new orders roll in. As orders come in, the page will make a ringing sound and the order will appear as "NEW".

If applicable, delivery orders are distinguished from pickup orders in the order list with an order type of “Delivery”.

When a new order comes in...

1. Click the Details button on any order to see the details of the order including the items and the customer’s contact information.

If applicable, each delivery order includes the guest’s address and any special delivery instructions the guest may have provided.

2. Click Accept or Reject to start processing the order. You will be given the option to adjust the estimated time in which the order will be ready. An e-mail and/or text message will be sent to your guest with the estimated pick up or delivery time.

3. As you go, an order’s status can be adjusted by selecting a status from the highlighted dropdown list shown below.

Each individual order can have one of the following statuses:

  • Accepted - an order the restaurant intends to fulfill, but is not yet being prepared

  • Working - an order that is actively being prepared

  • Ready - an order that has been prepared and is ready for pickup

  • Completed - an order that has been picked up by the customer

  • Canceled - an order that was canceled by the customer or the restaurant

4. Once you complete the order, make sure to mark it as Completed so that your new order queue stays current.

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