To allow guests to safely pay for their online orders during checkout, you may use Stripe or Square as a secure payment processor for your guests. For more information around payment processing fees associated with Online Ordering in Popmenu, please keep reading!

Stripe and Square Fees:

Stripe and Square both charge a 2.9% payment processing fee plus 30 cents per online order paid online. Please note that this is your standard credit card processing fee.

Popmenu Convenience Fee:

To offset the cost of providing this feature and cover costs, Popmenu will charge guests a $1 Convenience Fee on every order. Clients will also have the option of paying this fee on behalf of the guest.

How to Set Up Your Square or Stripe Fees:

After connecting your Stripe account to Popmenu, you will be presented with the following configuration options:

Tax Rate

This is the flat tax rate (a combination of state + local) that you’re currently charging your guests. Please enter that tax rate as a percentage (i.e. 7, 7.8, etc., no "%" is needed).

Popmenu Fee

Check this box to have your customer pay $1 Popmenu fee.

Processing Fee

Both Square and Stripe charge a 2.9% payment processing fee plus 30 cents per online order. To pass this processing fee on to your guests, you must select the box "Charge customer order processing fees".

Fee Description

This description is what your guests will see as the name associated with the fees they are paying for. For example, if you name this field “Credit Card transaction fee”, then your guests would see a checkout summary that looks like this:

Subtotal: $100.00

Tax: $10.00

Credit Card transaction fee: $2.90

TOTAL: $112.90


If you’d like for your guests to have the option to leave your team a tip, be sure to check the box: “Accept tips on Online Payment orders”!

For questions around Payment Processing and Stripe Fees, please email

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