Popmenu clients with Online Ordering enabled have the ability to accept online payments from guests. This enables restaurants to offer “contactless” payments and frees up staff from having to confirm orders and take payments over the phone or in person.

Popmenu has partnered with Stripe to process payments for Online Ordering. Stripe powers thousands of e-commerce businesses around the world, processing hundreds of billions of dollars per year. For more information about Stripe, visit their website.

At this time, there is no additional subscription charge to use Online Ordering through Popmenu with payment processing. However, there are credit card processing fees and guest fees. To see the full list of fees, click here.

Step 1: Create a Stripe Account

Popmenu collects credit card payments from guests on your behalf and transfers the funds to your bank account via Stripe. To move forward with this process, you must have a Stripe account.

  1. To create a Stripe account, visit https://dashboard.stripe.com/register. If you already have an existing Stripe account connected to the bank account into which you wish to deposit guest payments, then proceed to the next section. "How to Connect Your Stripe Account to Popmenu".

  2. Verify your email address for your new Stripe account. You will not be able to proceed further without verifying your email address.

  3. In the Stripe dashboard (dashboard.stripe.com) click "Start Now" under Activate your Stripe Account.

  4. Enter all of your business details including your bank details where you will be accepting payments. For new Stripe customers, there will be a 7-day waiting period to collect payments. Please also note that order payments will need to be captured by 11:59pm each day to be processed and deposited on schedule.

    1. If you have multiple locations, When you create your Stripe account, make sure to put the name of the location in the public business name. This will help make sure you can clearly select the appropriate Stripe account per location in Popmenu!

5. If you have multiple locations and want to have a separate bank account for deposits per location follow these instructions on Stripe to set up each account!

Step 2: Connect your Stripe Account to Popmenu

Connecting your Stripe account gives Popmenu the authorization to take payments on behalf of your restaurant.

  1. Go to the Popmenu dashboard at my.popmenu.com.

  2. Click the Ordering tab > then Settings

  3. You'll see a list of your locations > click Settings next to the location that you're setting up payment for.

  4. At the top, tab over to Payment next to Pickup.

  5. Click Connect Stripe Account.

Step 3: Configure Payment Options in Popmenu

Now that your Stripe Account is connected to Popmenu, you will be presented with a series of payment configuration options like your Tax Rate, Processing Fee, and Fee Description. Click here to read more about each of these settings. Payments are processed on a 2-business day schedule so that online order payments processed on Monday will be transferred to your restaurant's bank account on Wednesday. Please note your initial first payment will take 7 days to payout due to Stripe verification.

Finally, make sure to check the box for Accept Online Payments at the bottom of the page.

For more questions about Online Ordering through Popmenu or payment processing, please email support@popmenu.com

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