We know that POS integrations are key to a streamlined Online Ordering experience, so while we work on building an integration that works for you, we've created a simple guide to adding orders that come through your site straight into your POS.

Setup Process:

First, you'll want to get in touch with your POS company and ask to create a new tender/payment button. We recommend naming this button "Online Order" or "Pop Order". Utilizing this button will ensure accurate sales reporting and inventory depletion on an ongoing basis as your online ordering grows. Since you'll be capturing payment through your payment provider in your Online Ordering dashboard, it's critical that you ensure the "payment type" associated with this new tender button is set to not accept payment.

Steps for inputting an order into your POS:

1. When you receive a new order notification through email or SMS, visit your Online Ordering dashboard to accept the order and select the amount of time you need to prepare it. Doing this will also notify your customer via email and SMS.

2. Using the order details in your Online Ordering Dashboard (Orders > Details), input the items into your POS system!

3. Once the information is entered, select the “Pop Order” or "Online Order" tender button that you created to note that this order was paid upfront. The order will total itself out and your tickets will fire as normal.

4. And that's it! Once your order is received by the kitchen, make sure to move the Online Order through each step of completion in your Online Ordering Dashboard!

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