At Popmenu, we’re constantly looking for ways to give you more control of your restaurant and guests’ experience while protecting your profitability. Popmenu Online Ordering is our newest feature, complete with payment processing through Stripe, no commissions, and it’s included in your Popmenu subscription at no additional cost. Even better, when guests place an order online they automatically become followers giving you another way to quickly grow your followers!

Not to mention the financial impact. You could switch from other services that require monthly fees to Pop Ordering for online ordering and save the monthly fee ($99-$199 per location) and lower or eliminate your transaction fee, improving both fixed and variable costs, and $0 setup fees.

If your restaurant is using UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub for pickup orders, you can avoid costly commissions and rely on those partners solely for delivery (yes, we're working on that, too) through Popmenu Online Ordering. Knowing all restaurant sales volumes are different, we figured we'd keep the math simple, but we thought it was important to highlight:

Let’s say you normally do 10 online orders a day at a $10 check average.

Grubhub: 10% commission - $10 daily ($70 a weekly, $3,640 annually)
DoorDash: 10% commission - $10 daily ($70 weekly, $3,640 annually)
UberEats: 15% commission - $15 daily, ($105 weekly, $5,460 annually)

**Commission fees specific to pickup orders within the platforms

With Popmenu it’s all included in your current cost and there are no setup fees. Click here to make the switch today!

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