Popmenu is an incredible tool to enhance your online presence. Our platform sets you up for SEO success by driving your ratings with organic traffic.

What is SEO + How does it Work?

According to Moz, SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. Search engines help people find accurate answers to questions. In order to do so, search engines search every single website page it has access to on the internet in order to present the most relevant answers to people's questions.

Put simply, optimizing for search helps your restaurant attract more people who are more likely to order from your restaurant website.

Popmenu Optimizes SEO

Like any practice, SEO takes time and content to see results and cultivate growth. At Popmenu we like to say that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Quantity of organic traffic is driven by optimization factors like:

Increasing the quality of website traffic and exposure to your brand is dependent on your website including content that people are searching for—like what you serve, where you’re located, and your hours of service.

This is why your menus, location address (linked to Google Maps as an added bonus!), and hours of operation are three of the most important factors on your website.

SEO Strategies

Now it's time to ask yourself, when people search for [X] into Google I want to show up first on the search engine result page.

Boom. That [X] is exactly what you need to highlight on your site.

Keeping Content Updated with Strong Keywords

Google loves sites that constantly change and Popmenu gives you the freedom and flexibility to update your site to ensure keywords are strategically sprinkled in the content on the pages. This strategy advances your efforts to rank organically for keywords in search engines.

Continuously adding content and keywords to your site can help keep your information fresh and increase the number of searches that you rank highly for.

Remember to keep pages, photos, and other restaurant information consistently updated. Pages that are updated more often will rank higher in search engine results. Learn how to update your website content here.

Interactive Menus + Reviews

With Popmenu every menu item is displayed as its own website page in the eyes of a search engine and each item is positioned to collect an ever-growing supply of reviews and ‘pops’ (likes).

With each review left by your guests, Google will recognize that activity on your website on an ongoing basis and determine if the new content (i.e., reviews) helps generate the best answer to the question being asked in the Google search (e.g., best breakfast near me).

Keep your menus updated with stunning photos and keep accepting reviews that are rolling in from your guests and make sure to add Item tags to menu items to highlight specific attributes to your menu items to elevate your guests' experience on your menu.

Google My Business Integration

Google is the #1 driver of traffic to your website; it’s important to keep your restaurant’s business listing up-to-date. Popmenu's Google My Business integration makes it easy for you to control your Google listing right in your dashboard—so you can keep the information on your Google listing and website consistent.


Popmenu’s events feature promotes the latest of what’s going on at your restaurant, specials you’re highlighting, and any upcoming events (virtual or in-person), right on your website and Google My Business. Events display as individual pages, similar to items, and include a markup to help appear directly in Google Search results for customers to easily discover.


The more times your website comes up in response to people's questions and searches in Google’s search engine, the stronger your organic search engine rankings. Blogs are an excellent opportunity to display your brand personality and generate your own content to show up in search engine results, organically.

Press Pages

Inbound links play a critical role in helping search engines determine how to rank your site - It’s like a popularity contest. The more sites linking to you and the more popular those sites are the better. because search engines recognize your site as important and in turn rank your site higher. Inbound links factor heavily into Domain Authority, so getting and keeping as many as possible is key to strong SEO.

Make sure that you have a press page on your website and keep it up-to-date.

A press page not only builds credibility by showcasing the publications your restaurant has been featured in, it also amplifies your SEO with inbound, or external links. Inbound links are termed the currency of the Internet and help establish a website's reputation on search engines. Learn more about press page best practices here!

Review Your Search Engine Presence

To check out how many pages Google indexed on your site open up Google and type site:yourdomain.com (see example below) into the search bar.

(ex. if your domain is www.get.popmenu.com then it would look like site:get.popmenu.com)

This will show you how many pages are indexed on your site. The more pages Google indexes on your site the better!

If you are not showing up in search results it could be because:

  • Your site is brand new and search engines have not found it yet

  • No inbound links from external sites

  • Please email support@popmenu.com if you are not showing up in search results and will take deeper dive into the reasons. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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