Ready to get started with Popmenu? You've come to the right place! This quick article outlines the Popmenu basics as you get familiar with the dashboard

Managing Your Reviews

Customers can leave reviews directly on your menu. In order for a customer to leave a review, they are required, by default, to become your follower.

Popmenu transforms your menu into an interactive experience. Our menus allow for direct engagement, converting more customers by giving your restaurant control of the narrative through, reviews, dish photos, and social validations.

You must accept a review before it goes live on your site. You also have the option to reject a review.

Review Notifications

Anytime that someone leaves a review on your menu, every team member will receive an email notification. You can accept or reject the review right from your email thread.

Each time you log in to the dashboard, make sure that you do not have any pending reviews in the task box.

Review Archive

Once you've accepted or rejected a review the review will live in the review archive. To find the review archive click Menus > Reviews.

Here you will be able to see the review, what the review said, who left the review with an email to directly reach out to that reviewer. The status of the review informs you whether the review was accepted or rejected and you can also see the day the review was submitted.

If you accepted a review you meant to reject or vise verse you can search for that dish in the dish list and undo the review. From here you can re-accept or re-reject the review.

Menu Updates

The menu is the most important page on your website. According to OpenTable, 86% of restaurant go-ers regularly check menus online before dining out.

Maintaining your online menus is a must to keep your customers updated about your menu offerings. Popmenu gives you the perfect tool to keep your menus up-to-date across the internet.

Smart Messages

Popmenu automates re-marketing efforts based on specific consumer engagements with your menu. These messages are called smart messages.

Smart messages automatically trigger and send without you doing anything, keeping your brand in front of your customers. For example, when someone leaves a review on your menu, they will be sent a thank you message.

These messages are ready to go once you go live. To learn more about them check out this short video:

Email Marketing Messages

Popmenu's very own email marketing tool is the easiest way to email all of your followers at once. What's even better is that as guests interact with your website and become followers, your email list automatically reflects this growth!

These email marketing messages keep your brand top-of-mind to your followers and consolidate your marketing efforts. Our email platform features a simple drag-and-drop template making it easier than ever to craft up an email marketing message.

This tool reduces or eliminates any current email expenditures from third parties like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, FishBowl, and more.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing gives you the opportunity to effectively put your brand in front of your followers on the device they trust most - their mobile phone. Learn best practices on sending out the perfect SMS message here!

Let's Get Social

Posting to Facebook and Twitter has never been easier using Popmenu! Share your favorite dishes right in the post to drive traffic right back to your website.

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