Finding your Restaurant Settings

Fill out your restaurant settings to add extra data to the backend of your web pages for Google to capture to enhance your SEO. This helps you rank higher in search results pages. The more information you can provide the better!

Click Settings > Fill out Your Restaurant Settings

Restaurant Description

The restaurant description helps your guests understand what your brand is all about in 750 words or less. This description will display on Google My Business and Google Maps, as well!

This section outlines what you're known for that gives you a competitive advantage encouraging people to come to dine with you.

Crafting Your Restaurant Description

Recommended Version:

[Restaurant Name] is the best [Restaurant Type] in [Location]. For [# of Years], we have been a local favorite for [What We're known for] in town. Come in to enjoy [Value Proposition 1] and [Optional Value Proposition 2].

Popmenu Pizza is the best pizza joint in Atlanta. For 2 years, we have been a local favorite for garlic knots and domestic taps in town. Come in to enjoy great food, service, and a top-notch beer selection.

Optional Short Version:

Classic, All-American Pizza Joint serving garlic knots with an extensive beer selection.

Select a Category

Select your primary Category. Once you add the primary category, your website title will display this category.

By default your website Title will read:

El Bandido - Restaurant in Atlanta, GA.

Adding a primary category will make your title more descriptive, which is exactly what we want! By making Mexican Restaurant the primary category the new description will automatically adjust to read:

El Bandido - Mexican Restaurant in Atlanta, GA

Year Established

Include the year that your restaurant opened


Select Full or Quick Service, depending on how you define your restaurant operation.


Select Casual, Dressy, or formal depending on how guests should dress while at your restaurant

Price Range

Select the price range guests should expect to spend at your restaurant. The price range is subjective and $ is the lowest and $$$$ is the highest. This metric depends on the local demographics of your community and how locals in your area would define a cost-conscious or high-end restaurant depending on the local competition.

For example, a taco in New York City may cost $4 per taco and be considered cheap by locals, whereas a taco in East Aurora, New York would need to cost $1.50 by locals to be considered cheap.

Payment Options

Include the payment options can guests expect to use while at your establishment. The more the merrier!

Meal Options

What meals are you serving your guests so they can plan to dine with you accordingly!

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