Events promote what's going on at your restaurant, whether it's Holiday Specials, Trivia Tuesday, or Weekly Specials right on your website and Google My Business. Here's how to create a new event:

  • In the Dashboard, Click Website

  • Click Events

  • Click New Event

Creating your Event:

Give your event a name and a description.

Adding a photo to your event is optional, but a nice touch, and of course make sure to add the photo description text (to promote ADA conformance!)


Need to add a link to a special event menu or Eventbrite link to this event?

How to Add a Link:

Add Link name under Link Display Text
Add Link under Link URL

Event Tags (Optional)

Event tags allow you to organize events on your website by category.

For example, if you have one calendar for live music and one calendar for Restaurant Specials then you can create "Live Music" and "Weekly Specials" tags and display those events on separate calendar pages on your site.

Added Bonus: Make your event a Secret Event

Secret events can only be viewed by your followers presenting an opportunity to transform website visitors into followers:


Set a date range for your event by adding a Start Day, Start Time, End Day, and End Time to the event to let your website visitors know this important information about the date and time of your event.

Once the event is over, it will automatically be removed from your website.

All-Day Events

Does your event last all day? For example, if you're serving Taco Tuesday specials all day instead of just during happy hour, Check All-Day Event

Weekly Events

Want to automatically announce your events weekly? Check Weekly Recurring Event and select your day! The Event will automatically populate every week. See example below:

For example, if your hosting Bingo Night every Tuesday of the summer make sure your start date and time is June 1, 2020. Your Start time is 6:30 pm. The End Date is August 28, 2020 at 9:00 pm.

Every Tuesday between June 1 - August 28 will automatically populate on the website. The Add Excluded Day option allows you to select a date that the event is not scheduled to happen within that time frame.

Event Status

You can keep your website followers updated about the status of an event in live time.

Promote your Events on Google

Pro Tip: Connect Google My Business so that every time you create an event it will publish it to Google - the #1 driver of traffic to your website!

Select your Location(s)

Choose a specific location for an event. If you only have one location make sure it's checked:

One Location:

Multiple Locations:

Here's Your Friendly Reminder to Save!

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