Locating the Review Archive in the Dashboard

When a guest leaves a review on your website the review can be managed within the dashboard under the Tasks area.

You have 3 options: Accept the Review, Reject the Review or Reply to the Review


Accepting the review displays it on your website. Until the review is accepted, it is not visible on your live website.


Rejecting the review does not display the review on your website. No one is notified if the review is rejected.


Reply to the review gives you the opportunity to reach out 1 on 1 with the guest. For example, if a guest left a poor review you can reply to them and you have the opportunity to transform a disappointed customer into a returning customer.

Every time guests receive a review they will automatically receive a Thanks for the Review Smart Message thanking them for their review whether the review was good and accepted or bad and rejected!

Review Archive: Collection of all Recorded Reviews

Click Menu > Reviews

The review archive displays the following information:

The Review: The review and a link to the item that the review was left on

User: Information about who left the review and a link to contact them directly in a private message

Status: The status of the review and whether it was approved, rejected, or pending and still requires action

Submitted: The Date that the review was submitted by the guest

Location: The location that the review was left for. You can filter the reviews by location by clicking on Filter By Location in the top right-hand corner

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